Innovative Transportation Technologies: From Road Paint to Smart Traffic Lights - Community Leadership Meeting


The Grand Traverse Economic Development Corporation (GTEDC) and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR)  cordially invite Community Leaders to take part in a special event in conjunction with CAR's annual Management Briefing Seminar at Grand Traverse Resort.

Car-sharing, ride-sourcing, and other shared mobility services have already affected cities and towns and transforming their surroundings in many ways. Connected and automated vehicles will contribute to substantial changes in urban, suburban and rural areas - including farms and orchards. We wanted local leadership to be a part of a discussion on how to make this transition most effective for our area. Our local municipal governments, transit agencies, counties, and other local leaders will need to plan and adapt quickly to many of these changes. Community leaders  will be challenged to make important investment decisions, workforce choices, and address cultural change pressures as these developments unfold. 


From road paint to smart traffic lights, to educational curriculum and public safety – there is a lot at stake which is why we ask local leadership  join us for a discussion with researchers from the Center for Automotive Research and representatives from the automated vehicle company Navya.

Don't miss your opportunity to join in this discussion. Invitees are representatives of cities, counties, public agencies, educational institutions, private business, and other community leaders from the Traverse region, as well as CAR’s Automotive Communities Partnership who are attending the 2018 Management Briefing Seminar.

Meeting Agenda


4:30 PM --- Introduction and general overview of the guidelines for local governments --- Adela Spulber, Center for Automotive Research


5:00 PM --- Opportunities related to automated vehicles - Navya example --- Tim Schock, Navya 


5:30 PM --- Open discussion about the opportunities and challenges presented by connected and  automated vehicles and shared mobility services


Insights and conclusions drawn from this event will be posted at a later date so check back to see where local leadership sets the mobility agenda and the steps required moving forward.




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