The Grand Traverse Economic Development Corporation has partnered with
TraverseCONNECT to explore a regional economic development organization (EDO)
focused on growing a competitive, prosperous and sustainable regional economy.
This solution is the culmination of two years of strategic planning, interviews
with dozens of community leaders, and nation-wide research on successful economic
development organizations.

The Grand Traverse Regional EDO will be organized with private sector leadership,
support from local government, and coordination among nonprofits.





Evolution - Create an economic development strategy that will encourage investment and deeper partnership from the private sector to create an engine of growth



Execution - Establish an economic development organization (“EDO”) to function as the marketing organization for the Grand Traverse region with partnerships and investments from all sectors in the business community


Distinction with a Difference – EDC vs EDO

Currently, the economic development corporation is an appendage of the Grand Traverse County government. Establishing an economic development organization, or EDO, will signify an evolution in how the private and public sector can partner to create responsible economic growth. The Grand Traverse Economic Development Organization will focus on fostering the growth and expansion of a regional economy in the northwest lower peninsula. Our EDO will help the communities and businesses in our region to strengthen economic integration of all sectors of the economy with the shared vision of retaining, expanding and attracting partners to our region.

Warren Call, chairman the GTEDC, stated “our key objective over the next two years is to establish a community-wide coordinating mechanism for all economic development initiatives. The creation of an economic development organization will encompass a region-wide Economic Development Organization encompassing government, nonprofit, education and the private sector.”

A Collective Impact

An EDO is a separate entity made up of regional stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, and other non-profit organizations working towards a collective impact. A collective impact is many individual organizations using a collaborative approach for a common agenda – greater economic development. By using this approach, the Grand Traverse Regional EDO will uncover a mutual understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, convene a strategic path forward, and build a better community for everyone involved.


Contact Info

Grand Traverse Economic Development Corporation

202 East Grandview Parkway
Traverse City, MI   49684

Phone: (231) 995-7108